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About Veronica


Hi there! I am an award winning wedding photographer that has been capturing your special moments for over 6 years now & love every moment of it. The emotions, the details, & the nostalgia of it all just melts me. I really grew my time with photography just after the birth of my first son. I took my first workshop & my passion just grew even more. I've been so lucky to have such an amazingly supportive family, that has more than encouraged me every step of the way. I am very family oriented & when I'm not behind my camera, I am spending time with my boys & husband. I love anything & everything DIY related and am totally Pinterest obsessed. You can usually find me outdoors, but if I'm not out hiking then I'm strolling down the aisles of Target. I am also a big supporter of the community. If you are in need of donation requests please do not hesitate to ask. I am always happy to help!

The Details


My overwhelming joy for photography is shown through my images. I've captured it all, from weddings to portraits and everything in between. I would absolutely love to share my passion with you. My attention to details are one of a kind and your ordinary moments are turned into something captivating.

Story Telling


I strongly believe that photography is the art of the soul & tells a story. Each photo brings you back to that exact moment in time. Your first kiss as husband & wife or that first family photo. I love narrating those once in a lifetime memories. I want you to remember it forever!

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